Video Producer / Editor

  • Brooklyn, United States

Video Producer / Editor

Job description

We’re looking for an ambitious, creative, and resourceful video-maker who can output compelling pieces of content ranging from engaging social videos to informative short-form docs featuring innovative tech companies, scientific breakthroughs, and architects of the future. These videos will live on Futurism’s social pages, website, and OTT platforms.


We need someone who is native to the digital landscape and adaptable when it comes to our storytelling needs, platforms, and clients. The ideal candidate has a strong background in short-form nonfiction filmmaking. This person is comfortable running a camera with a small team, knows how to pluck a story out of an interview, and can write scripts using Futurism’s unique voice. On top of that, this person should also be able to string it all together in Adobe Premiere, having experience sourcing broll and music. On camera experience is a bonus but not required. Above all, you should enjoy working with a team and welcome guidance from others.


Yes, we are looking for someone who can do it all - a hard working one-person-band type of filmmaker. If this sounds like you, please apply. Include a cover letter. We look forward to meeting you!



Write, shoot, and edit videos for Futurism’s social pages and agency team (branded content)

Keep track of viral trends, create content around them, and analyze the results of your work.



Minimum 3 Years Experience

Camera - DSLR is fine. We will expect you to understand framing, color temperature, exposure, etc.

Lighting - Color temperature again. We will expect you to be comfortable with setting up simple 3 point lighting for interviews and stand-ups.

Sound Recording - Lavs/boom mic setup and level monitoring in camera

Script Writing - Know how to tell a story and pick one that our viewers will want to hear

Editing - Adobe Premiere. Bonus if you are comfortable in after effects and photoshop.

If you are interested, please submit a cover letter, resume, and links to your work with a description of your contribution to each video.

Local applicants only